Why enos?

enos uses latest technologies to provide an easy-to-use on-premise or in cloud solution to efficiently and effectively manage the resources in your facility.

Efficiency gains

Adapable, customizable, powerful insights

  • Adaptable to your efficient work workflows, rather than rigid conformance to software
  • Customizable content for effective data management and reduced errors
  • Empowers powerful insights without IT or costly consultants

See only what you need to see

Focus on the information that is important. Remove the rest.

  • Display a simplified view based on individual role requirements
  • Generate individual dashboards (and reports) for monitoring metrics

Enhance team communication

Easily create schedules, approvals and alerts.

  • Schedule activities quickly and easily
  • Structure approval processes for best practice
  • Send call for action Alerts on animals, equipment etc.

Confidence your data is secure

Data privacy and protection.

  • Our on-premise solution utilizes your own servers and your own security and IT policies 
  • Our in-Cloud solution leverages the power and continuous security from Microsoft Azure Cloud ensuring data protection in transit and at rest 

Providing software as a service (SaaS)

Current, convenient and great value.

  • Always use the current version and latest features without fear of obsolescence
  • Easily scale capacity up or down to suit your needs
  • Low start-up costs and rapid return on investment (ROI)

100% web technology

Accessible 24/7.

  • Use familiar browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Safari 
  • Access enos on your desktop and any mobile devices
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere

In cloud or on-premise delivery

Choose and change your delivery model.

  • Cloud version for automatic updates and backups
  • On-premise version to use IT resources or meet institution requirements
  • Easy migration from on-premise to in cloud solutions (or vice versa)

Animal welfare

Use a process that guides best practices

  • Ensure the correct number of animals are acquired, bred, and used on approved projects
  • Ensure monitoring, tracking and delivery of animal care in the spirit of the 3R’s

Regulatory compliance

Transparency and traceability. 

  • Transparency for internal or external reporting such as EU 2010/63
  • Traceability of every action to support QA audits and guidelines such as AAALAC. 

Data at hand


Display your own key metrics. Automatically send alerts and report cases.


View multi-species animal data instantly. See stock in/out, alerts, activities and more.


Track activities & animal data. Use your own e-forms. Report animal issues. Add/annotate visual records.


Give team members secure access to information required for their individual roles & profiles within workspaces.

A feature set that is adjustable to suit individual roles and profiles

Skills & Training

Build a comprehensive skills portfolio for teams.Identify authority, responsibility and validity.


Track protocol license, animal & procedural approvals for best practice according to 3Rs and animal wellbeing.

Drugs & medications

Use enos with a barcode scanner to accurately and automatically manage your drug stocks. 


Design custom cage and room labels for your facility to assist staff and maximise efficiencies. 

Data mining

Create queries to extract data for yourself or share it with others in your library.


Generate real time invoices for animal holding charges and other tasks to your internal or external customers and partners.


Efficiently manage inventory of cages, drugs, animals, consumables and feed.


Set up and customize locations to exactly match your current configuration. Adjustable to evolving needs. 


Reserve rooms or equipment using an integrated shared calendar.

Easy to navigate because the interface is consistent

Specialist Modules

Breeding module

Time saving features for compliance with the 3Rs

  • Flexible for use with any animal species as well as different breeding configurations
  • Provides a complete overview of breeding performance based on targets, matings etc.
  • Automatic creation of family trees and easy-to-access animal histories

Genetics module

Easy management of genotypes to prevent expensive errors

  • Easily assign different gene/allele combinations
  • Traceable genotyping results enable fast, accurate identification of the correct animals for research
  • Automated transfer of data from industry products such as Transnetyx to prevent any transcription errors

Devices module

Automated transfer of data for accurate records

  • Integrates with weighing scales, digital calipers, implantable RFID microchip readers and more
  • Supports barcodes for cages and other equipment
  • Scheduling features for tracking who booked the devices, as well as when and why the devices are being used