Born adaptable

Efficient and easy animal facility management software. A configured, secure solution. The flexibility to evolve to ever-changing needs.

A solution that fits

Every facility is unique. Processes that work well in one facility may not be effective in another.  That’s why enos is unique for each customer. At BSI, we talk to you, we learn about current processes, essential requirements and future objectives. We tailor a cost effective solution that leverages the adaptability and configurability of enos, whether you are a global or niche CRO, a multinational pharmaceutical or an academic research institution.

Why enos?

Efficient, secured
and flexible

Data at hand

Packed with features
that save you time

Specialist modules

Breeding, genetics
and devices

This is why we do what we do

I have dealt with a lot of software and software companies and enos is the best experience so far. The software menus are consistent and make the navigation easy and intuitive. The support is amazing, when I have a question, I get a response the same day or next day.

Attending Veterinarian, Ichor Therapeutics, USA

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enos update! Making your day-to-day life easier!

enos update! Making your day-to-day life easier!

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Who are his mates? enos can tell you!

Who are his mates? enos can tell you!

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