We are excited to announce version 3.6 of our adaptable enos software. It’s faster, smarter, and provides new efficiencies to make life easier.


Working in a lab or vivarium can be challenging. Having limited time to do daily tasks while also providing the best care to animals is not easy. With enos 3.6, it just became easier. Feature highlights include sequenced activities, improved communications, enhanced reporting, and better data collection.

Popular customer-requested changes
  • Easier to request, plan and perform activities
  • Apply tags on a group of animals or cages in one go
  • Hide unused locations so only the working area is visible. Quick reconfiguration of cages and rooms when things change
New smart features unique to enos
  • Sequence and automate data collection. With the new “Activity Assistant”, you pick and choose tasks to perform on a single animal or a group of animals. You decide the sequence: for example, weigh animal, give a treatment, perform body condition scoring, then progress to the next animal
  • Keep your hands free when it matters! When combined with connected devices such as RFID scanners, scales or e-calipers, enos automates data entry, advancing to the next step in the process
  • Find records fast! Scan the bar code on the cage card, or scan the RFID chip of your animal(s), or type the first few letters of what you are looking and voila! With the new global search bar right at the top of your screen, there is no need to navigate to a menu or sub-menu. With the new global search bar and your own enos dashboard, what matters most is just one click away.
Improved communications

Additional areas of notification to get your colleague’s attention:

  • Tasks: “Hey, I added the new enrichment in all rat cages in room ABC ”
  • Animal entries: “Dude, your 200 mice have arrived”
  • Procurement: “We ordered the 30 male rats you requested and are approved for”
Automatic reminder emails based on urgency levels for unread notifications:
  • High: immediate email is sent
  • Medium: email with recap of all unread notifications in the last 2 hours
  • Low: email recap of all unread notifications sent at the end of the day
Enhanced reporting
  • Improved metrics of animal usage for each approved project
  • Annual EU animal usage statistics report with severity levels (EU 2010/63)
  • New data insights thanks to new Excel/CSV extraction of historical properties
Thank you to our experts

enos 3.6 was built from customer feedback and requests. Thank you to everyone for sharing your ideas and expertise. With your help and involvement, we continue to improve enos and make your daily activities easier.

We’ve all adapted!

enos is adaptable, so is our team. We have delivered many installations to small and large facilities in 2020 & 2021 in spite of the Covid-19 challenges. We have performed remote installations and training when travel restrictions prevented us from going onsite.

Please contact us for a personalized webinar or more information