We are excited to announce the latest version of our adaptable enos software, bringing you ……


Visual Floor Plans

Now you can display a visual floorplan of the racks within your facility. You can see the exact location of each rack within your room to give a visual overview and see how many animals and how many cages are occupied in the room to replicate exact what you see if you were stood in the room yourself.

You asked! We listened!
  • Customize and store your sorting on the animal selection. With enos 3.9, there’s no need to redefine your sorting every time you open or update your selection of animals, they are kept in your user preferences.
  • Integration of your data with Power BI to give you alternative ways to visualise your data across one or multiple workspaces to turn your data into visuals with advanced data-analysis tools, AI capabilities, and a user-friendly report-creation tool
More efficient breeding
  • Easy access to the details of your mating from the graphical view of your racks. It is now possible for you to stop a mating in progress from your mating cages or to add/remove genitors or finally to create new litters/births.
  • New breeding properties to show number of litters and weaned pups. When these two properties are used in conjunction with the existing breeding properties, you have a full overview of the animal’s breeding performance at a glance.
  • Define the number of days of gestation for each species in the settings, so that you can now create a litter from the Dam’s record several days after the end of mating or link to the Sire’s record even if it is no longer part of the mating on the birth date of the litter to ensure your pedigree details are fully accurate.
  • Define when you would like to receive the alerts for births and weaning, based on each species, so if you want to know 3 days before a mouse is expected to give birth, but 10 days before your dog is due to litter down, then it is all possible now in enos 3.9.
New activities and properties to record your data

We’ve added a number of new activities and properties to increase the options available to you in how you use your enos platform. Whether you want to record skin observations on you pigs using the new Annotatable image for pigs or use the Anaesthesia activity along with the surgery activity to record more accurate surgery information, the choice is yours.

Along with numerous other animal properties, now, if you are planning your activities in enos there are also new properties for you to see what activities are planned for each animal or what the treatment plan is for specific animals immediately on your animal selection screen to give you greater visibility of your future activities.

We are now able to add new activities and properties to your platform without having to wait for a new version of enos, so if you have new activities you would like to record, get in touch with the support team to discuss your requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

To ensure you are up to date with the changes in regulatory requirements, we’ve updated the EU annual statistics report with recent changes to the format of the report along with additional reporting data and the drugs register produced by enos has recently been validated by the EU regulatory body and will therefore be able to replace your paper record.

We’ve also amended the ways to import and export the Skills Booklets to make things easier and now it is possible, not only to link competencies to specific projects, but also to specific procedures, so now enos 3.9 will cross check to make sure staff are fully training to perform each activity on individual procedures. For inspections, the printed version of the skill booklet has also been amended, to give greater visibility on the number of continued education days and the names and dates of who verified the skills booklets.

Thank you to our experts

enos 3.9 was developed and built based on customer feedback and requests. Thank you to everyone for sharing your ideas and expertise. With your help and involvement, we continue to improve enos and make your daily activities easier.

Want enos to help your facility run better?

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