We are excited to announce the latest version of our adaptable enos software, bringing you enhanced ways to communicate and collaborate for gains in efficiency and productivity.

New features save you time and simplify workflows, while ensuring compliance at every step.

New smart features unique to enos


Color coding for easy identification

Color-code rodent cages within your rack(s) so you can quickly define and identify research or animal groupings for easy selection and immediate action. Typically, colors could be assigned to animals associated with:

  • Project/Protocol
  • Researcher (“owner”)
  • Active Breeding
  • Wash-out period post-study
  • Medical condition
  • Quarantine
  • Specific genetic lines
Automate data collection for hands free convenience

Use the savvy “Activity Assistant” to select and perform tasks on a single or group of animals. Keep your hands free by using enos with connected devices such as RFID scanners, scales, or e-calipers. enos automates data entry and advances you to the next step in the process.


Breeding made easier with enhanced visual tools

  • Simply “drag and drop” male and female animals into the same cage to launch a “mating creation”
  • Easily create litters and wean animals from the cage rack view
  • Automatic visual alerts on due date for births and weanings

Improved communications for greater efficiencies

  • Email notifications with direct link to the events or actions. 3 user defined levels of urgency:
    • High: urgent email sent immediately
    • Medium: 2-hourly email with unread notifications
    • Low: end of the day email with unread notifications
  • Expanded areas for notifications: animal entries, reservations, and shipments. Procurement. Activities. Reservation of rooms and instruments
  • Send notifications to one person, multiple individuals, or a whole group

Goodie box of features that make life easier

  • Don’t know which individual can perform a task next week? Assign the task, such as changing cages, to the team.
  • Want to change caging capacity more easily? Add partitions in rodent cages or merge large animal cages or racks.
  • Not using one or more racks or rooms for a period of time? Unclutter your views by “hiding” them and bring them back when you need them again.

You asked! We listened! Three features we know you want!

  • Automatic Activity window closure when action is validated
  • Launch searches using keyboard shortcut for fast answers
  • Direct link to our popular “knowledge center” from within enos – immediate access to videos and manuals

Something extra for the IT team. Please pass it on.

  • As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we have access to some of the world’s best technology. We have worked with Microsoft’s Cloud team at Azure to enhance performance and accessibility 24/7.
  • As requested, we have added Single Sign On capabilities.

Thank you to our experts

enos 3.7 was developed and built based on customer feedback and requests. Thank you to everyone for sharing your ideas and expertise. With your help and involvement, we continue to improve enos and make your daily activities easier.

We have adapted to the new normal

enos is adaptable, so are our team and our clients! Despite the Covid-19 challenges, we have delivered many new installations in the US, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand in 2021!  When travel restrictions prevented us from going onsite, we performed remote installations and training. Where there is a will, there is way. We are too enthusiastic to stop!

Want enos to help your facility run better?

To help you evaluate our software and services, we recommend arranging an initial no-pressure web session. Please contact us to arrange a friendly consultation.