We are excited to announce the latest version of our adaptable enos software, bringing you …… 

 Scheduling recurring tasks 

Repeated actions are common when dealing with animal care or with regular facility operations, we can now schedule recurring event. For example, schedule in one go a medical daily treatment for a week, TB testing every 3 months, recurring weekly room cleaning. A new dashboard widget is available so you can view only daily tasks that are due. 

 You asked! We listened! Streamlined views! 
  • Customize your toolbars. While enos offers many ways to perform tasks, too many items can be confusing. With enos 3.8, each user can customize each toolbar menu. Need 8 icons, have 8 icons. Need only 2 icons, reduce it to the bare minimum! 
  • See only the most relevant information. Our clients love the ability to easily create properties that are specific to their animals or locations. However, not all properties need to be always visible. With enos 3.8, properties can easily be visible or hidden so you only what you need. 
  • Streamlined rack view. Technicians and scientists enjoy the enos rack view, easy to move cages and animals with drag and drop and carry out or plan tasks from a real-life view. We have streamlined graphics to make it even easier to see how animal are in each cage, if they are part of a genetic line or enrolled in a study, if a mating is on-going, if a litter is born, etc. And yes, it is now possible to see multiple tags (up to 6!) on the same cage. 
  • Faster results at your fingertips. We know how valuable your time is and how you want all the information you need in a matter of seconds, so we have amended how enos operates in the background when you register your activities or execute queries. With enos 3.8, query results are displayed 50% faster and activities register up to 70% faster.   
 Never miss important events! 

User-defined alerts on animals or locations always can now be notified both visually and via email. Set-up alerts for expected events like births or tasks like weaning so you never miss important items. 

 Something extra on the geeky IT side  
  • User authentication with SAML 2.0. Huh, what? That means that if your organization wants to, you can sign in into enos very simply by using your account with Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. Simple and Secure! 
  • Optimized PDF reports rendering: you asked, we delivered. With enos 3.8, PDF reports got on a weight loss program, and it is now possible to copy and paste from PDF’s to other applications. 
  • enos working night shifts! Invisible to users are some database routine maintenances happening in the background. Our tech guys have worked hard so these tasks can be scheduled to run at night when you are resting. 
 Thank you to our experts 

enos 3.8 was developed and built based on customer feedback and requests. Thank you to everyone for sharing your ideas and expertise. With your help and involvement, we continue to improve enos and make your daily activities easier.  

Want enos to help your facility run better? 

To help you evaluate our software and services, we recommend arranging an initial no-pressure web session. Please contact us to arrange a friendly consultation.