We are excited to unveil the latest version of adaptable enos software providing new performance and display efficiencies that significantly accelerate task completion.  

 New personalization features cater to the individual needs of each facility member and special features unique to enos are empowering smart choices and decisions.

New efficiencies for faster output 

Increased productivity is at the core of successful software. We have looked for ways to increase speed through the use of keyboard short cuts, faster data processing and multitasking that provide performance improvements of up to 50%. This translates to hundreds of hours saved every week across all of our users. 

  • Accelerate everyday tasks including data import, query capability in additional windows, assignment of animals to procedures and projects, animal physical exams, tasks, entries and selections.  
  • Multitasking functionality enabling faster work outputs.


Adapt views to suit your tasks 

Personalization in enos creates customized experiences so that users only see the information that is important to their role.  New personalization features provide additional options

  • Define and auto-save your own search filters. For example, when you apply filters to determine the health status of incoming animals (such as vaccination, drug treatment and surgeries), the next time an animal record is opened, your last used filter settings will be applied automatically.
  • Choose to keep data queries private or share them with others (within allowable access levels). 


Smart features unique to enos 

Our unique features extend your capabilities. enos can help you to work in the field, turn big data into smart data and identify animals to be isolated for quarantine. 

  • Emergency measures in place. An offline workflow option provides flexibility for situations where Internet access may be impacted by geographical location, sluggish connection or privacy reasons. 
  • Refine data searches to drill deeper. Create conditional (configurable) properties based on other properties. For example, classify animals with their given conditions and let enos use your data to determine humane end-points to Refine animal numbers and Reduce pain.
  • Contact tracing for quarantine. Track and trace an animal’s historical location record. This can be used to identify animals that have been exposed to an infected animal, enabling steps to be taken for immediate isolation.


Thank you to our experts 

Our latest update is strongly focused on customer feedback and requests. There are many additional features that optimize everyday productivity. Thank you to everyone who has shared their ideas and expertise. Our continuous improvement model drives us to create a better experience for our clients.  

A great time to plan for the future 

This is a great time to consider new efficiencies for lab animal facilities. While is enos is adaptable, our team has also quickly adapted to the current Covid-19 challenges by performing in remote installations, so we do not need to go onsite.  

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