In our perfect modern world, we are always connected to a network for real time viewing and logging of information.

However, in the practical world of animal in vivo research, connection can be impossible or impractical due to a range of factors:

– Unreliable or lack of network connectivity

– Large outside enclosures for Non-Human Primates or pastures for farm animals

– Complex logistics linked to biosafety considerations

In these situations, paper or an offline spreadsheet are an easier and more convenient alternative. The latest version of enos (v 3.5) integrates this approach by providing easy form creation for printing or exporting as a spreadsheet file for offline use.

As tasks are completed, data is collected on paper or offline on a computer or tablet. Back in the office or lab, personnel can use the quick manual data entry of enos, or simply import data from the offline spreadsheet. This minimizes time expenditure and eliminates the risk of error.

enos offline options can also be incorporated into disaster recovery plans to cover major IT disruptions or at times when facilities are experiencing major staff shortages, such as during pandemics.

The adaptability of enos to real situations prioritizes the complete accuracy of your records.

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