Most laboratory animal species require social housing for reasons of animal welfare and efficiency. Numerous publications indicate that socially housed animals are healthier, less stressed typically displaying lower blood pressure and heart rate baselines compared to singly housed animals. Singly housing mice can even affect scientific outcomes as shown in this study on Epilepsy.

Guidelines from NC3RNIH and AALAC have mostly become the norm, mandating compliance with group-housing of lab animals.

It is critical however to be aware of individual temperaments and track compatibility (or lack of!) between animals to avoid fighting, potential injuries and distress. As animals may move within or away from their colony, it is essential to have social compatibility information at hand to establish new groups for example. 

With our animal facility management software enos, “cage mate history” is fully traced for each animal. That information is easily accessed within each individual animal record so the right decisions can be made.

With enos, it’s never been so easy to ensure the best possible animal welfare. 


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